Bespoke Designed and Handcrafted on site


The process of having a custom piece made begins with a casual consult. we discuss the desired design, and I offer my advice and some education of the processes and of the stones and metals. 

From the initial discussion, and once the type of gem or diamond is determined, I will source some options for a viewing and selection. 

Remould existing pieces or use of lose stones of your own is an option too.

Upon stone selection I will cad the piece as per the client's proposal. a further meeting to approve or amend the design takes place and once approved the manufacturing of your bespoke piece begins.

I'm a strong advocate of cad in jewellery making, it enables the client to see the exact digital final product. I have over 10 years experience with cad and I love the finer details achieved by using it, as well as the ease of client collaboration in order to deliver on specifications. 

The studio is a relaxed space and makes the process of having a custom piece made a memorable experience.